Friday, November 11, 2011


    Dear Harriet Walter,

    It was very difficult to keep from snorting out loud today in Old Testament I class. We were covering the end of 1 Samuel, which includes the story of David and Goliath, and Goliath was described as being a "man of war" and (for one perfect moment) my first thought was that we were talking about the Portuguese variety.

    In other news, Right-Hand Man is amazing. Look what he found to show me. Look look look.

Right-click, open link in new tab for bigness.

    Harriet Vane clothes. From the J. Peterman clothing catalog, circa 1996. Right-Hand Man hunted this down with his magical powers after telling me about it as an illustration of how awesome J. Peterman is and I wanted to see it so it was found. Isn't it glorious? Isn't it the most perfect thing of all the perfect things? i cannot even process what is going on right now it is so wonderful aahwenenbszasdnfrkjlfnwef

    I have the best friends. And I mean both that my friends are the best and that I possess all the highest-quality friends. I own the best of the friends, all the nicest, hand-crafted, imported, gourmet, high-end friends belong to me. Yuss.


  1. Pretty sure that some of them are home-grown and garden fresh.

  2. This is true! I wasn't thinking clearly, as usual. Must have been the desire-for-expensive-clothes mindset creeping in.