Tuesday, November 22, 2011

by the time I finished writing, Shelli was asleep

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    Bwurrrtired. Thankfully, Thanksgiving (durr repetition) break has started today so I don't have classes for a week and I'm currently stationed at Upperclassman Krista's house, where Upperclassman Shelli and I are both spending break because Shelli lives in Michigan and I live in Oregon/Idaho/I don't even know where anymore and plane tickets are 'spennnnsive. Shelli is curled up next to me on the couch, working on a paper or something, and Krista is in the kitchen writing a paper or something, and I'm blogging like an unproductive person because I'm tired and I woke up really early to take a math exam this morning and I'm really sick of trying to work on my persuasive speech and blah.

    Krista has dogs. This makes me happy, I've missed having dogs around. Back home I had my dog and Best Friend had her nervous poodle dog and my Auntlet had two doggies and so I am just used to dogs being present.

Here is the fuzziest, darkest picture of Shelli (left) and me available, its fuzziness and darkness is comparable to a duckling covered in oil

     In extremely sad news, Right-Hand Man has informed me that the excellent Richard Morant, otherwise known as Mr Bunter, has recently died. This is dreadful. This is not particularly ok. He will be remembered.

    Goodbye, you beautiful, beautiful man.

    (i will hunt down season two of Captain Zep: Space Detective if it's the last damn thing i do on this earth, just for him)


  1. As an admirer, also, of Harriet Walter, I have subscribed to your blog to see what a young USA student gets up to! Would you care to follow my blog? Find me at http://margaretjackman.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh, absolutely! Networking through shared love of Harriet Walter is my absolute favorite kind of networking. I'm honored you've subscribed, and I'd love to read your blog.