Friday, November 25, 2011

any day I get my head showered by someone else is a good day

    Dear Harriet Walter,




    like when did I get so self-absorbed?

    (Been reading over email correspondences from last summer and then my blog as it stands now.)

    I suppose when one is changing and growing, one has to keep an eye on the directions of one's growth.

    And my life is really seriously interesting right now. To me.

Here is a picture that is a picture of you and not a picture of me. Although I'm off-campus and so can only screencap from youtube and not my dvds.

     In other news, that was an extremely different Thanksgiving day. An excellent one. Never been apart from my family on Thanksgiving before. I am learning so much from hanging out with juniors. Today was full of card games and turkey and sparkling cider and lounging about reading J. Peterman catalogs and playing with dogs and and hair dye and sugar cookies and confessions under blankets and drawing and listening to my ladies express frustrations about frustrating Boys. Everything is interesting.

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