Monday, November 14, 2011

i hate drawing on lined paper anyway

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    Here is a picture I drew in a notebook. I decided to draw a picture of Dr Mac in a spare moment between classes and ended up with a unicorn dripping with blood.

     Not a very close likeness, all in all.


  1. No wonder he's bleeding--somebody squashed his nose into the shape of an oar...

  2. Sorry, the heading should have read, "Amomynous said..."

  3. It's not his own blood. The blood is dripping down from the horn, see?

    You didn't criticize my camel and it had a blocky face, too!

  4. Camels are not known for their graceful, delicate features.
    And I didn't mean it as criticism, really--I was being offensively humorous. Much nicer, no?

  5. Yuz, much nicer.

    Oh my gosh mom there's a picture in my Old Testament textbook that has the caption "Donkeys in Samaria," and the caption goes on to talk about Saul or whatever but the donkey in the foreground of the picture is totally a horse. It's in the shadows and its head is down but my laaands. It's so embarrassing. How can I be expected to believe what this book is telling me about Deuteronomic history and covenant parallels with contemporary Hittite suzerainty treaties if the authors/editors can't tell a damn horse from a donkey?

  6. I guess you are expected to use your imagination to make an ass of the horse. They are demonstrating how by making an ass of themselves.