Monday, October 17, 2011

hike hike

    Dear Harriet Walter,


    Hike was had last week. Best Friend arrived Thursday night and stayed 'til this afternoon (Sunday). Contra-dance studio was last night (Saturday). Gruesome papers and midterm exam last week are in the past. Up past my bedtime but I feel like bloggin'. Here are a couple pictures from the Hollywood Sign hike! There might be a couple pictures from the dance studio and/or of Best Friend and me appearing on the internet soon but not yet because I didn't take them.

PME was so excited to get going that he started the hike by running, so Upperclassman Galen started running after him so I started running after Galen and him
and we all like lines and views.
and I like big views.
and we are all tourists.
and yes I deeply regretted not wearing sunglasses or a hat with a visor.
L to R: PME deliberately ignoring camerawoman Shelli's request to smile at the camera, Galen being normal and handsome as always, me standing like an awkward person and laughing at PME

and almost all these pictures were taken by Upperclassman Shelli
and you will just have to figure out which one was not

and JP, Amoeba was allllllllmost as awesome as you said it was

    Bedtime now. There is apparently another hike (on a different mountain) coming up on the 29th but I have not yet decided whether or not I am going.

     Oh and also I did get to meet Mrs PME and though I didn't get to talk to her much she seemed like an extremely nice, matronly sort of woman and we are now facebook/skype friends. It was even weirder than I expected to see PME dressed in normal-person clothes and talking about relatively normal things, though. And he and I talked a little bit about the Northwest and then about hiking...I think he'd asked me if I hiked much and I was like "oh, no, I haven't done much hiking before. I mean, not in California. And not much back home, just at this daycamp thing for a few years. Mostly just the kind of hiking where you're in a forest climbing up a nearly vertical hill and you're twelve and your ankle is sprained and you're crying and way too ready for lunch. I'm really good at that kind of hiking!"
    "....That's terrible."
    "In the rain. Can't forget the rain."
    "Well, seeing as you were in Oregon, yeah."
    "Yeah. So hiking in California is pretty different so far."
    And it was.

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