Tuesday, October 4, 2011

academic theology is so hipster

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    It's rather tiresome to write history and Bible papers when one's writing program is theologically illiterate. Microsoft Word is trying to tell me that "theogony" is not a word (and now so is Blogger! A red underline there before me as I write this! I am disappointed!), nor, it says, is "protevangelium", although, to be fair, the latter word isn't even in the regular dictionary. It's fine with "theophany" and "theosophy", though. (Blogger doesn't like "theophany". Well, that's ok, neither did the ancient Israelites.)

    In other news, I miss my dog. He is the best dog of all the dogs. Here are three pictures of him.

Zis mah baaayyyybehhh.

    Yeah, no one can ever be really sure what he's looking at. I love him anyway.

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