Thursday, October 27, 2011

buttons and mocha

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    I had a brief debate with Dr Mac today about whether the penultimate button on a man's dress shirt would be the second from the top or second from the bottom.

    On further consideration, I think any opinion would stem from the direction one began buttoning one's shirt and that he and I must button from opposite ends.

    Anyway here are a couple pictures of Best Friend and me from when she visited my college a couple weeks ago, taken by Upperclassman Shelli, who we spent a lovely afternoon with downtown.

At a cafe in Mission Station. Best Friend (on left) had tea and a croissant, I had an iced mocha and a lemon bar, Shelli had Mexican hot chocolate in that there mug. These are important things.
and near LA City Hall.
and this is from the contra-dancing studio we went to.
    Speaking of fashion, the weather has gotten slightly colder lately (now that it's late October and is probably all wet and freezing and orange back home), which means that scarves and leggings are showing up on girls and grubby jackets are showing up on guys and Professor Mine Enemy has moved from the warmer weather's ever-so-slightly not-quite-the-thing short-sleeved dress shirts (with ties, of course) to long-sleeved dress shirts, which is such a subtle yet enormous improvement I cannot even faithfully articulate it. I am well pleased altogether.

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