Tuesday, September 20, 2011


    Dear Harriet Walter,

    Here is a quote, which I found relevant to my life, from an excerpt of Airs, Waters, Places, a thing about the effects geography and climate have on societies which was probably written by a disciple of Hippocrates:
"A variable climate produces a nature which is coupled with a fierce, hot-headed and discordant temperament, for frequent fears cause a fierce attitude of mind whereas quietness and calm dull the wits."

    Emphasis mine.

    Three exams to do this week! Let me die. Well, no; let me be fierce.

    Pictures from life soon, I think. In the meantime, philosophy/theology class.

    Post-class PS: We watched the first half of The Truman Show instead of talking. Such an awesome class. I should be studying for my tests now, but I decided to screw around with my blog layout instead. (I was never going to be that kind of college student and yet here we are.) It's blue now. It has a picture of me taken at the Reagan Library and Museum last Saturday in the Air Force One exhibit thing. Doesn't it look perfectly hideous? So amateur, and I can't adjust the size or font of the blog description. Oh well. The brown was getting on my nerves. This, at least, is brighter. I'll make it yellow and white soon or something.


  1. Someone should write a poem and have "fierce" rhyme with "fears."


  2. And then "terse" with "tears."
    Can't seem to get Google to recognise me. But you do, right??

    love, mom

  3. Well, you're the poet here, and you're the one with the idea. The question seems to be whether or not there's an obligation as a result.
    (I think having two classes with Dr Mac is getting to me.)

    I recognize you!