Friday, September 9, 2011

I just like bullet lists ok

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    Here is a list of things that are making me unhappy today:

  • I got an hour less sleep than I intended to get.
  • I have to write my first history paper by Wednesday and do not feel the least bit confident in my paper-writin' skills. I also have to pick a topic-person for my tribute speech for public speaking class and start working on that.
  • I have to study math like crazy and it takes me too long to do.
  • I need more time to do things in.
  • I miss my mom.

    And here is a list of things that are making me happy today:

  • I look nice. I've got on black shorts, a well-fitted red polo shirt and a skinny black necktie.
  • I had the foresight to get two cookies at lunch. I'm always hungry after classes are done. I spent the whole of my last class thinking "there is a soft delicious chocolate chip cookie waiting for me in my messenger bag".
  • Campus Beach Day is tomorrow. (Small school = we can get all of us onto a beach no problem.)
  • Professor Mine Enemy was wearing a panda tie.
  • Professor Mine Enemy had us do a quick quiz of five questions, but was six minutes late to class due to printer difficulties, leaving me just enough time to review the textbook chapter summaries. I got everything on the quiz right! (I'm homeschooled, okay, I've never had quizzes before, it's all new to me)
  • I feel much less intimidated by Professor Mine Enemy today. Not only because of the endearing tie and the quiz success, but also this is because after class was done and I had got my books in order (one must always have one's bag ready to flee with whenever taking risks), I went up and asked him an intelligent question about a thing and he answered cheerfully and talked with me about it a bit and everything was ok. (He couldn't give me specific details on what I wanted to know about, but a general answer worked fine for me. The important bit was the encounter, not the knowledge.)
  • I've signed up to join the ballroom dance club and our first meeting is this afternoon.
  • This evening I'm going to go to see Laurie R King at a book signing for her latest Mary Russell mystery. (I have grown up on those books.) I am excited.

    Overall it could all be worse!

    (why am I blogging instead of studying why why why whyyy, because it helps me put things in order that's why, but I have so much to dooooo aaaagh)


  1. Your happy list is much longer than your unhappy list. You are winning! - JP

  2. This is true! But on the other hand, the threats and unhappiness of homework and writing papers last rather longer than small pleasures like cookies and panda ties do. (actually, make that longer than cookies and being well-dressed do, because that panda tie was -forever-.)