Monday, April 25, 2011

My Super Top Secret LPW Fanvid

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    Someday. Someday I will be able to make a fruit smoothie that does not taste like a historical quack's mysterious, super-for-real-this-time Medical Marvel Potion which will, for a modest fee, totally cure your bubonic plague. And your smallpox. And warts.

    Anyway, to the point. About two weeks ago I finished working on an awesomely awesome musical fan-video of the Lord Peter Wimsey 'n Harriet Vane mysteries. (This is a completely normal thing. My sister makes fanvids for almost every show she ever loves. There's a whole subculture on YouTube of people who do that sort of thing.)

    I tried to upload this video to YouTube, and it was up for a few hours before the Copyright Monster came and devoured the audio. My sister showed me how to dispute the claim, and we got the audio back for a few more hours before the monster returned and ate the audio again. I don't even know.

    So we can't put it on YouTube, the one place where it has any chance at all to shine. Siiigh. (It's on Vimeo instead.)

    I'll post it here just for the heck of it, though. I do love my little video.

Lord Peter Wimsey&Harriet Vane [the time is right].

     Oh, and one should either go to the link or choose fullscreen (possibly with scaling off) to watch it, because the embedded version is small and we do not like small.


  1. Ran across this blog because I had realized that my mental image of Peter Wimsey owes a lot to Fred Astaire and I was searching to see if he'd ever worn a monocle in anything. Read on for the Harriet Walters (awesome woman). Posting because this is a cute video and it deserves a little love! :)

    1. Oh my lands, that's like the best way to discover anything ever. Thanks so much for the love!