Monday, January 3, 2011


(written at a previous date)

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    I've discovered that all kinds of bridges become all kinds of better when you add the prefix -Pether- to them.
    For example!

    The Petherbridges of Madison County
    Petherbridge of Birds
    Golden Gate Petherbridge
    Petherbridge to nowhere
    Petherbridge of the gods
    Complete and unapetherbridged
    Dental petherbridge
    Hands across the petherbridge
    Rainbow petherbridge
    Petherbridge of Sighs
    Petherbridge & Burn
    petherbridge failures
    petherbridge clubs
    petherbridging world history
    petherbridging between joists
    movable petherbridge
    pigtail petherbridge
    segmental petherbridge
    covered petherbridge
    wooden petherbridge
    burning one's petherbridges
    to cross a petherbridge when one comes to it
    The Petherbridge on the River Kwai

    And oh so many more.

    Don't even mention Benedict Cumberbatch to me.

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