Saturday, March 31, 2012

but who is the blondest in the land

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    The only thing that can make the situation of waking up and having to go to class with about four and a half hours less sleep than one needs any worse than itself is discovering, as one is blearily fumbling about in the shower, that one has Kate Bush's song "Wuthering Heights" stuck in one's head. That is not even a song that one can sing along to, at least not if one is trying to match her in octave.Or if one doesn't want people checking on one because they heard noises and were concerned.

    In other news, I was playing volleyball for a couple hours today because that's something we do and friend Johnathan once mistook me for tall, athletic boy Ian, presumably because right now Ian and I have very similar wavy, unkempt, short blonde hair. This was quite amusing to some of the girls we were playing with. Honestly! I'm like a foot shorter than Ian. And kind of female.

Totally no resemblance. No resemblance anywhere for miles.

    In good news, I have no classes on Tuesday or Friday next week and no major assignments due for the remaining Wednesday and Thursday. That'll be nice.
    Now, as the drugs are not kicking in, I should go to bed.


  1. I just hope that admist all the confusion, Ian never wears shorts that short. On you, they are modest and cute. On him.... oh my heavens.

    1. HAHAHA. Ian and I should have a clothes-swap day. I can wear his basketball shirt and he can wear my red-and-white polka-dotted dress. Nobody will notice.