Sunday, August 21, 2011

several reasons to be dehydrated

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    Okay. So. This month, recapitulated (for reference on current events in my life see this previous post):

  • My parents moved with the rest of my family to Idaho in the first couple of days of this month, while I chose to move into Best Friend's home. My parents came back after a couple of days to continue working on our beat-up, rapidly emptying house.
  • I stayed with Best Friend's family for a couple of weeks. My parents stayed with my grandma, who also lives in town. (Happy news: Shortly before I left, Best Friend's family volunteered to foster my dog for a year in hopes that my parents will be able to move into pet-friendly housing next year.)
  • About a week ago we called ourselves done with the house and my hometown, leaving my grandma and Best Friend and Best Friend's younger sister to continue what work there was left to be done - mostly painting - to get it into a renting-ready state. Parents and I moved to the parents' student housing in Idaho, where my siblings were still stationed.
  • I stayed in Idaho for about five days.
  • Mother, Sister and I drove down to southern California starting the 18th, spent the night at a cheap motel in Reno and made it to my college on the 19th according to schedule.
  • I am now on my third day of orientation. It has been difficult. Mother had to leave and fly back north yesterday.
  • I have never moved before in my life and have now done so three times in one month. (There has been a lot of driving.)
  • Sister is breaking down and talking about leaving me, dropping out and going back to Idaho.


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