Thursday, August 25, 2011

updates and whateverings

     Dear Harriet Walter,

    More updatery!

  •  My sister has gone home as of a couple days ago. I was an emotional wreck for a while but things are ok now.
  • Today is pretty much the last day of freshman orientation at my college. Convocation was this morning and evening classes (which I have none of) start this evening, with day classes starting tomorrow. I wish I had all my textbooks already.
  • All the upperclassmen came back to campus yesterday. I have been looking forward to this ever so much, as there were some I met when I visited the campus in March who I was really looking forward to seeing again. (They remember me and still like me and are apparently delighted that I ended up coming here.)
  • Discovered yesterday that one of the upperclassmen, Libby, has apparently read Strong Poison and Gaudy Night, although she couldn't remember the name of the former and only read the latter for school. (Probably in high school.) Nevertheless, I was excited. Fellow freshman Dane, who Libby and I were eating dinner with when the subject came to books and so to mysteries and so to Sayers, remarked that that was the happiest he'd seen me since I arrived.
  • The day before yesterday us freshmen were taken to the Getty Museum. It was super awesome. I never properly appreciated Degas before.
  • Sister accidentally took the camera with her when she fled in the car. She says she'll mail it to me. I might be able to illustrate this blog more once I get it back. Things are looking kind of bare.
  • I am very probably going to be freaking out and flailing in hysterical consternation more in the next few days starting tomorrow. The registrar and dean of student life have both spoken of something called "syllabus shock" in regretful tones when orienting us as regards classes starting, and I am really bad at handling the big picture. One tries to take one thing at a time, but it's not always possible. (don't you just love how optimistic and hopeful I am sometimes)
    Finally, I would just like to thank you, Harriet Walter, for being Harriet Vane in the eighties. I've been re-(rerere)watching the miniseries adaptations of Strong Poison and Have His Carcase in my free time for the sake of escapism and chilling-out, and they are just so relaxing and comforting. And you were so awesome.

also I want to own that dress.

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