Saturday, May 21, 2011


    Dear Harriet Walter,

    it's one-ish in the morning-ish here on the west coast of north America which means it's, like, nine-ish in the morning-ish in England and you're getting married today

    i can't even deal with this right now

    (that's assuming you're getting married in England anyway, i haven't heard anything to the contrary but then i haven't heard as much as i'd liiiike)

    (hnnnngah i just want to beeeee theeerrrrrrrre)

    but anyway congratulations and felicitations and all sorts of many-headed blessings! yuss. saying i have earnest hopes for your future happiness seems like stating the slightly obvious just a leetle bit, maybe just to me i don't know, but i will do so anyway, i hope you are the happiest thing in the universe today and all days henceforth and forever amen

like this except all the time and with your husband instead of Michael Fassbender. yuss.

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