Saturday, December 17, 2011

home home home

    Dear Harriet Walter,


    This is a very very good thing.

    So that paper I mentioned before kept me awake 'til past 4:30am, after which I briefly reminded my teeth and toothbrush of each other's existence and then fell into bed with most of my clothes on and slept 'til about 8am on Thursday, when I woke up, changed clothes, and remembered that even though I had planned to study for my public speaking final before I took it, I had loaned my textbook to a classmate the night before and had not yet gotten it back. Then I just sat there blinking and wavering until just before 9am, when it was time to take said final which I hadn't studied for at all beyond initially reading the chapters when they were assigned. Guesswork, piffle, and a pinch of BS got me through the exam, leaving me an hour to pack and print my boarding passes and find directions to the airport because my ride hadn't been there more than once, which sounds like it should have been enough time but was not.

    We got on the road only a tiny bit late (Upperclassman Laurelinda was driving me) and made it to the airport fine, and I got through security just fine and the flight to Salt Lake City was fine and my layover in Salt Lake City was fine, although my next flight was slightly delayed. Boarding the plane to Portland, I found that some guy had stolen my assigned window-seat and had actually brought a pillow to sleep on against the window. This, as I was exhausted from a largely sleepless and stressful week and it was then about 5:30 in the evening and I had eaten literally nothing but two packets of complimentary airplane cookies all day, was rather much, and only the desire to get home and not be taken in by security stopped me from committing murder. I like windows. I was looking forward to that window. Do not get between myself and windows.

    So Best Friend's mother picked me up from the Portland airport and drove me the distance of several towns back to home, as she had been in Portland that day anyway. (I'm staying with Best Friend and family while I'm in Oregon and my parents are driving over to spend Christmas in Oregon and then they're taking me back with them to Idaho before I fly back down to California, so they couldn't have picked me up.)

    My dog was very, very excited to see me when I walked in Best Friend's door.

My father, seeing this picture on facebook, referred to him as a "blur of happiness."
    That night I slept 13 hours straight, followed by 12 hours last night. I like sleep.

    Yesterday (Friday) was lovely. Best Friend had errands to run downtown so we biked to do them and I got to see several of my favorite old haunts again, and eat doughnuts from a little local grocery place, and have my favorite hot chocolate from my favorite cafe downtown (the one I've grown up around and which I used to work for). And we had a simple and lovely home-cooked dinner (ahhhh aaa cafeteria food is ok but aaaaaa) and then at 6pm BF's mom and I went to see BF test for her yellow belt in Taekwondo. Then sometime that evening I watched a stupid and enjoyable movie from the 1930s starring William Powell (but not Myrna Loy) and went to bed.

    Today (Saturday) has also been lovely thus far, after sleeping forever, showering forever, being taken out by my grandparents (on my mother's side) for ice cream (chocolate-peanut butter for me, at a local ice cream/diner place with a 1950s theme which I've also grown up around), after which they drove me at my request by my old house (which we moved out of last August when I went to school and my family moved to Idaho for school, and which I had spent my entire life in up 'til then) and then drove me home. Then I took my dog on a walk and reveled in the exercise and the white sky and the fog and the cold air. Forgot to wear gloves and my right hand nearly fell off, it was awesome.



Best Friend's poodle Lucy was also happy to see me.
With disgusting results.
oh that face of hers.

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