Thursday, November 1, 2012

εἰμί, like, totally νεκρός

Dear Harriet Walter,

    that's the third Greek exam I've finished, that there one I just took just now

    think I'll go throw up until I die

    (i actually really love greek but if anyone says "relative pronoun" or "third declension" or "square of stops" or "definite article" or "master case ending paradigm" or "alpha-to-eta shift" or "personal pronoun" or "preposition" or "parsing" or "consonantal iota" to me for the rest of the week i will projectile-barf on their face and the barf will be on fire)

    (if they ask me how to tell the difference between the article and the relative pronoun or what the four rules of the vocative case are or what adjectival position a demonstrative is in when it's modifying a noun or what the seventh and eight noun rules are or how to translate the third person personal pronoun in its adjectival intensive form, I will find all of their shoes and fill those shoes with dead mice and cat poop and throw them in the lake)

     (and you may interpret that last pronoun "them" either way you like.)

    Oh my worrrrrd.

    Classes are mostly going well. Job in the academic support center going well. Social life going well. Relations with professors going well. Grades going well. Time spent asleep inadequate.

   PME/Dr. S is not only expecting me to take his Hermeneutics class and his Doctrine of God class (in addition to New Testament II and Greek II, both of which I'm already expecting to take) next semester (because one of my two concentrations is going to be Biblical and Theological Studies), he is apparently also expecting me to take second-year Greek and first-year Hebrew next year. Found out about that part yesterday when we were talking after New Testament, because in class he'd been talking about the theological implications of a particular Greek word used in the book of John so we were talking about Greek. He wasn't even like "hey, you should take Hebrew," he was like "when you take Hebrew something something something." I was like "w-...whshpufuh what wait when did we decide that I'm going to take Hebrew?" And he was like "oh, you want to take Hebrew. You do. You're a language wizard, you'll love it."
    I'm not even concentrating in Biblical Languages. He's not even my academic adviser. Gracious. That man cracks me up.
    Speaking of future classes, though, he's totally going to be teaching classes on Johannine Literature and Apocalyptic Literature sometime in my senior year. (He can only teach one or two upper-division BTS classes per semester because the college also depends on him to teach beginning and intermediate Greek and Hebrew, two simultaneous sections of core Bible, and a lot of the time supervise the BTS capstone course.) I am so looking forward to Apocalyptic Lit, I was hoping so hard that it would happen sometime during my remaining years. Plus he told me it's kind of the course where every area of biblical and theological education comes together in full play under one subject and one really needs to know one's stuff so it's perfect for my final year. I am excited.

    Ugh I love college.

I want a picture for this post so here's one by Friend Shelli of Friend Laura (left) and me.

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  1. Hi. Been following your blog since I first found it by Googling Harriet Walter - also my favourite actor. I returned a couple of day's ago to view your links and found the Facing It website - no longer accessible via the URL, which brings up other, more active blogs, but still reachable through a Google search. I was so pleased to read about the Facing It project. It had passed me by, probably because, at that time, I was very busy myself with TV and theatre. I wonder if you have heard the delightful Desert Island Discs interview on BBC Radio4 from 2002, I think? If you don't know the format, it's very easy to pick up during the interview. Here is how to access it, and look for other amazing BBC archive programmes.

    The radio "Strong Poison" with Ian Carmichael as Peter & alas, no Harriet, is currently available, but the episodes time out in a few days, so immediate listening is recommended - now your exams are finishing, you should be able to find some time. You will need to download BBC iplayer and have Adobe Flash for PC. There is also a Mac version and one for Adroid (which needs BBC Media Player instead of Flash which is no longer supported on the latest Android platforms. If you haven't already come across it, it's very simple to follow and download. This link is to the first episode:

    I will get a hold of the photo collection she has made of older women. It looks very attractive. As an older woman myself, I have followed HW since seeing the Dorothy Sayers original series - we recorded it on Betamax (the format before VHS became the industry standard) which has been unplayable for years. Now I can return to You Tube at will! Thank you for the link.

    I have seen HW live - both times at the RSC at Stratford, which is not far from where I live, and bottled out of the chance of speaking to her when she passed me going through the stage door; but we have exchanged letters about one of her appearances. Did you know that she is curently playing Brutus in an all-female Julius Caesar on the London stage? I will try to see that, but although I visit london quite often for castings, it's difficult to see a show and get back home in one day.

    As I do quite a bit of British TV, I live in hope that one day we'll do a scene together. I do so admire her acting talent.

    I hope your exams have all gone well and that you make good grades. I'm still blogging; if you aren't following me, I'm still reminiscing, though other stuff intrudes -

    Best wishes