Monday, June 4, 2012

the hut of happiness

    Dear Harriet Walter,


    I haven't been posting much, and may not be posting much, because for the past week and for the rest of the summer I have been and will be living without the internet.

    I forget how much I've talked about this summer, but my parents are still over in Idaho, dinking around with nice summer projects, while a long time ago I chose to spend the summer in Oregon with my Auntlet and her husband.

    In a shed.

    I flew up from SoCal on Saturday the 5th of May, but Auntlet was horrendously busy and the shed wasn't ready for me yet, so I spent the first week of vacation with Best Friend and her family, my parents drove over to Oregon to visit friends and me, parents and I stayed with Mumsy's parents down the road for a few days, we all moved in with my dad's mother in her retirement home apartment, parents left after having been in town about a week, I stayed on a few more days there, then a week ago (Monday the 28th) I moved in with my Auntlet.

    So the thing about my Auntlet is that she is the full-time caretaker for her 95-year-old mother, who is very dependent in her old age. Auntlet lives with her mother in her mother's house in a little retirement community, and her husband Unclet occupies their house (which is very very old and in a long-term state of being renovated) on the other side of town, but comes and hangs out over at Auntlet's mother's house every day.

    There is a garden shed in the small back yard of A.'s mother's house. Auntlet and Unclet have renovated this shed and made it a Tiny Home for me to live in for the summer. (I have to go into the main house for the kitchen and restroom, as well as for human contact, but that is fine.) I've lived there a week now and I'll live there another two and a half months, until late August, when I will flap my wings and fly back south to Pasadena for my sophomore year of bein' eddicated.

    Right now I am looking for work, not finding work, hanging out with Best Friend, reading books, watching old movies, and sleeping as long as I want to.

    Would you like to see pictures of the shed? I know Mumsy wants to.

The outside, before renovation.
Inside, before. Shelves were veeeerrrry taaaalllll.
More before...

...aannndd...after! With my not-yet-unpacked junk on the floor.

Things that Auntlet put on the shelves.

There are actually two large skylights on either side of the ceiling.

After unpacking junk. You don't need to see inside the wardrobe.
    So the shed is magnificent and I'm completely happy with it. It has electricity and insulation and excellent natural lighting, and I will just have to continue biking to the nearest coffeeshop or to Best Friend's every day to access the internet.


  1. Ch-ch-ch-ch-charrrming!!! What a fine tiny home. Your Auntlet did a marvelous job. Thank you for posting pix. love you.

  2. Wow! I was not expecting the shed to look that nice on the inside! I was a bit scared for you before i peeped the rest of the pictures! haahhah, everything looks wonderfully decorated though, hope you have a fun summer!