Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer reading

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    I will finish The Book of Merlyn and Claudius the God before I go off to college. I will. I will. I will, dammit.

if i say on my blog that i'll read them, that's sort of like accountability, right?
    (you remember how a few months ago I read The Once and Future King and also I, Claudius? The nice thing was that my mother randomly had the sequel to the former lying around and my dad had the sequel to the latter lying around. And I don't think either of them had the first books. Little bit weird there.)

    Also, speaking of my mom, she herself has started up a blog of her own (hurray!) which I am now going to link to. It's called Roller Derby with the Saints, and she's got a couple posts up and they are beautiful, articulate, thoughtful posts. (she must be so ashamed of me oh gosh) It's heavily theological (Christian, specifically) and is and will be well worth reading.

    Hopefully she does not abandon the thing once she goes back to school in one month. (HEY MOM KEEP WRITING K.)

    EDIT later this same day: One of my best friends has just dropped by and loaned me a copy of Dear Enemy (the sequel to Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster) after apparently remembering something I had said about thinking about maybe reading it several weeks ago. Oh lawks.

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