Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sir Lancelot

(written at a previous date)

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    I'm so bored of Sir Lancelot.
    At the moment I'm reading The Once & Future King by T.H. White, I'm a bit more than halfway through, the third section of the book mostly has to do with Lancelot and he is so achingly boring I just want to kick myself in the teeth whenever I see his name. I don't know, maybe I'd be more sympathetic to his plights if I'd ever been in love with a real person and had real obstacles to my real love of realness, but I haven't and I'm not and I think he's a prat who ought to be able to control himself better. Basically.
    Oh, I've also been watching what I will refer to as BBC Merlin lately, and Lancelot is in a couple episodes of that and watching him is like stabbing myself in the eyes with ten of those oversized q-tips the dentist uses to numb your mouth prior to sticking a needle in your gums. Apparently this isn't a common problem, because some people ship him with other characters and my mother and sister (who also watch BBC Merlin) claim they enjoy him just fine. I just see him and listen to him and feel dead inside. Actively dead. Yes, I went there. Actively! dead. That's how dead I feel inside as regards Sir Lancelot. He can go stuff himself.

    In other news, Guinevere is a total skankbasket.

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