Sunday, February 26, 2012

I should probably eat an orange

    Dear Harriet Walter,

    Who invented midterms
    are they still alive
    can I kick them in the face
    if they are dead can I travel to their grave and kick their headstone

    Let's have a picture of you. Based on logic and statistics in my brain, that will probably cheer me up.

    WAIT WAIT WAIT let's have a haiku too, Professor-Madame King Arthur made us write haiku in Lit class a few weeks ago so I can write them now.

    midterms are stupid
    they cause frustration and pain

    (EDIT about half an hour later: Okay I had an orange and some instant noodles and then a Hershey's kiss and I smelled Krista's coffee and I just remembered  something that's going to make my work much easier and it's a beautiful day and I like sunshine and I'm really looking forward to spending spring break at fellow student Gabby's house in the desert and there's going to be food at our Oscars party this evening and really I'm quite happy and everything is ok.)


  1. Dear heart........cleansing breath, bring the shoulders down, release the face muscles, let them rest, take a big slow breath through the nose - out the mouth, again. Now, gently sweetly sing the Doxology to just you. That's all that matters.

  2. But they're changing something that I looove, they shouldn't doooo thaaaaat

    I really don't know why I'm being such a cranky whiny jerkface today, it's probably anxiety plus hormones plus not being responsible about my own tendency to negativity. blah. I should never blog.

  3. In fact I think I'll delete that entire bit because I am no longer comfortable with it

  4. Hang in there. Love the pic and the haiku. I don't always endorse directions from the unknown, but this time I do.

  5. bahahaha your haiku made me laugh. Love you Ruby Darling.

  6. You sound frustrated in the most desirable of ways!

  7. Daddy, the only person I know who gives me breathing and relaxation advice is Lorraine. We will act upon a presumption of identity.

    Britannica, thank you and I love you too!

    Operandi, I'd hardly call studying for multiple exams "desirable," haha.